1. I want to feel


  2. I will never….💏

  3. Logan Lerman for Interview Magazine. (full size)

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    this needs to be on everyone’s blog

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    the notes though Oo

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  7. samwinsexter asked: hey so this might be just a tad random but i saw your picture with ed sheeran at the showbox sodo! im going to concert there tomorrow and i was wondering where did you go to get pictures/did you stagedoor? thanks!

    Hi sorry don’t check my asks very often. Side door is where he came out of I did wait a long time. But just remember what goes in must come out. Hope you met who ever you were trying to meet.

  8. 2014

  9. Family


  10. Tired if going to be disappointed😔

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    Hands down my fave part because in that moment they were all cupcakes

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  14. Harry: "Why did you wanna be a fireman?”
    Liam: "I don’t know, I just liked the idea of saving someone.”

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